1. CNC Laser Cutting Machine 2.5KW make "Amada" Japan Table size 5ft * 10ft.
  2. CNC Turret Punch Press ARIES-255 make "Amada" Japan.
  3. CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 160 Ton x 3mts Make "Ermaksan" Turkey.
  4. CNC Hydraulic Up-stroking Press Brake RG-35S make "Amada" Japan.
  5. 300Amps MIG Welding Machine make Larsen & Toubro.
  6. 240 Amps MIG Welding Machine make WIM Malaysia.
  7. Stud Welding Machine Capacity -M8 make SparkWeld.
  8. 200 Amps TIG Welding Machine make Fronius.
  9. 200 AMP HF TIG Welding Machine make ADOR.
  10. Mechanical Power Press make "Lamba" Capacity -20 ton.
  11. Type Rocker arm Spot Welding Machine – 2 nos.

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